What kind of person, entrepreneur, spouse, parent and difference maker would you be, if stress did not linger in your life, if problems became opportunities and if tragedy helped you grow into the best version of yourself?

Let’s Lift The Lid together and release everything that has you stuck, stopped and blocked from achieving your biggest desires – personally and professionally. You will crystallize the vision for your ideal future, and learn precisely how to make it real. It’s amazing how much will shift, in the first session alone. This is not therapy. This is laser focused deep healing work that unleashes your power, stimulates forgiveness and increases peace.

Let’s get happy!

Coaching is provided live, via Zoom or by telephone.

Packages include a combination of session time, homework activities, accountability and support.

Private Happiness and Resiliency Coaching

Couples/Family Happiness and Resiliency Coaching

1 Month

Includes email support

3 Months

Saving $276. Includes email support

6 Months

Saving $840. Includes phone & email support

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