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Hailey Patry is the founder of The Lifted Lid… “Life Uncapped”. She is Best known for her work as a True Happiness coach, Marriage Mentor and Offline Success Trainer, delivering massive results in just 9 hours. Nicknamed “World’s Happiest Woman”, Hailey is a Master Coach in Radical Living and Radical Forgiveness.

With decades of experience, she is an authority on Happiness, Love and Success in both the business and personal development worlds, and has the kind of energy that lights up an entire stadium. Having spoken for over 1-million audience members and coached over 26,000 students and professionals in 136 countries, she is a master keynote speaker and facilitator. She is also an award-winning author with 3 International-Best-Selling Books plus books 4 and 5 on the way.

Hailey holds ten coaching designations and understands both life and business from the inside out. As a happily married mom of three, she has run three traditional businesses, an International franchise, a 60-million-dollar home-based business, and a coaching institute. She mentors business professionals to become the up-levelled version of themselves and achieve their full potential. She shows clients what is blocking their happiness, how it’s affecting their performance, and how to immediately shift into a happier way of being, which leads to productivity and profitability. This decreases emotional wellness leaves, saving companies and the economy millions of dollars.

Expect excellence when she takes the stage! She blends heart, humour and uplifting stories with interactive activities to teach clients their fastest path to happiness, success and connection as a way to directly raise positivity, self esteem, ability to focus and produce great work and revenue. They immediately decrease stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. Having worked in sectors from education to corporate, and wellness to small business, some of her previous clients include Toronto District School Board, Disneyland Resort on Why Happiness Pays, and York University, training teachers.

Hailey’s 25 years as a business owner and having overcome more than 30 years of trauma, has taught her how to bounce back from adversity and create happiness, love and success rapidly, no matter what challenges are present. She has been featured on Cogeco, Rogers, NBC and other media. If you are ready for your organization to truly shine, speak with Hailey’s team and book some time.

Contact information:

Hailey is best reached by text message at: 416-797-5856

Helping GOOD people, actually live a GOOD life. So they can make life happen FOR them, instead of it happening TO them.

Hailey Patry…
True Happiness Coach
Marriage Mentor
Offline Success Trainer

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