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“Don’t grumble about the fact that roses have thorns, but rather MARVEL at the fact that THORNS have ROSES”

Reading this quote reminds us that we always have a choice… a choice over how we look at things. The rose is the same no matter who is looking at it, but the perception changes depending on how we look at life, the world and ourselves.

Do we see the beauty in things? The perfection in their imperfect state? Or do we rush to find the fault, the flaws, the imperfections and dwell on that?

A mentor once told me, that how we do ANYTHING, is how we do EVERYTHING. We must choose wisely, the lens through which we look at the world, and perhaps, be open to cleaning the lens, or changing the lens, to one that gives us a more positive, uplifting and happy view of the world (and of ourselves).

So who do you want to be today? This week? And going forward?

When we are stuck in the state of a negative perspective, everything looks harder, scarier, less perfect.

I choose to be a ‘glass-is-half-full’ kind of gal. I marvel at the fact that thorns have roses. I don’t expect life to be perfect or easy, but I find the blessings in the mess, the beauty in the chaos, and I search for the deeper meaning – trusting that there is a reason or a method to the madness as it has been said. Trusting… even when it is hidden from my view or my knowing.

If we try on, even for a moment, the possibility that things are perfect just the way they are, it can open the doors to healing and peace, and help us to become unstuck.

If life looks more thorny than rosy today, consider this:

How can you become better, stronger, and more able to inspire others, after you overcome and transform these thorns?

You are strong. You are perfect exactly as you are. You are worth it!

Sending you love and happiness,


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