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I am here to serve, here to help, and here for YOU! You are worth it! (And so are your people if you run an organization). I believe that every life matters, and without the mindset and skills for leading joyful, productive and fulfilling lives…. Every aspect of life is harder than it needs to be. But with the skills, tools and methods I teach… creating lasting HAPPINESS, SUCCESS and LOVE are so much easier. This transforms your life, your relationship, your family, your company, your community… and it just takes one person (YOU) to begin the beautiful cycle of empowered change. Let’s make ‘shift’ happen together!

Hailey Patry

True Happiness Coach | Marriage Mentor | The Happy Business Coach
Text for support: 416 797 5856

3x #1 International Best-Selling Author & Award Winning Author of HAPPY LOVE
Speaker • Coach • Facilitator
Founder: The Lifted Lid...."Life Uncapped"

Live the life you LOVE, and LOVE the life you live!!!

“Tiny tweaks, done daily, over time, lead to massive results, both in your personal life, your work and in your relationship.” – Hailey Patry

“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” - Robert H Schuller