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Imagine Your Life Uncapped

When your world feels like it’s falling apart, and the roof is caving in… let’s lift the lid and get you UNSTUCK. Whether the challenges you face are within you, your relationship or your business, or even all three…there is hope and I am here for you. You deserve to be HAPPY, LOVED and SUCCESSFUL.  It’s time to live a life you LOVE!

When your world feels like it’s falling apart, and the roof is caving in… let’s lift the lid and get you UNSTUCK. Whether the challenges you face are within you, your relationship or your business, or even all three…there is hope and I am here for you. You deserve to be HAPPY, LOVED and SUCCESSFUL.  It’s time to live a life you LOVE!

Private support to work with you individually, as a couple, or as a business owner. Imagine the life you’ve been craving…then learn the fastest path to make it yours. Expect results in 9 hours or less, and to feel a whole lot better after session 1!


Beyond informational and inspirational, Hailey’s keynotes are transformational. Ready to move your audience forward on their path to happiness and success? You can’t help but take massive action after her heartfelt and power-packed delivery.


Positivity leads to profitability. Smart companies gift happiness practices to their entire team. It’s time to share the most life-enhancing training with your organization, on topics such as productivity, happiness, resiliency and balance.



The Lifted Lid

If you feel like you need a therapist, a marriage counsellor and a business consultant all at once… let’s consolidate your support and wrap a big hug around ALL the issues challenging you right now. When it comes to your happiness, relationship and success, you may feel stuck, frustrated, angry or even lost. You may feel like you’re simply at the end of your rope. Or, you might be doing alright… but just can’t seem to get to the next level, and what you want always seems out of reach. Now is the perfect time, to finally get the support that you know you want, you know you need, but you’ve been a little afraid to invest in. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I’m a happily married mom of three boys, and a successful entrepreneur. But it wasn’t always this way. As a child I battled depression and I tried to take my life twice. I was violently attacked which led to cervical cancer, and my first marriage ended dangerously, leaving me in financial ruin.

When I turned my own life around, I made it my mission to help as many others as I could. So now, I’ve dedicated my life to helping YOU overcome overwhelm and achieve true HAPPINESS, sweet LOVE and abundant SUCCESS.

Your Happiness

You deserve to be happy, confident and emotionally healthy.

Free from the burdens of anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, loss, transition and low self esteem.


Your Relationship

You deserve to have a loving and joyful, connected relationship.

Free from the pains of infidelity, lack of communication, drifting apart, trauma or room-mate syndrome.


Your Success

You deserve to have abundant success, and not only love what you do, but love the results you produce.

Free from the struggles to increase your revenue, reach, impact and outcomes.


Are you ready for a whole life lift?

Or ready to completely transform the one area that is bothering you the most right now? Let’s remove the barriers in your way, those things in your blind spot that are holding you back. You can’t solve what you can’t see!

Clients typically come to me because they are experiencing a cave-in on multiple life areas at the same time. The greatest joy for me, is the day you get to graduate, just 90 days after beginning a coaching a program to change your life dramatically, or the moment after a keynote, when you tell me the life-altering action you’re ready to take immediately. I don’t want to simply inspire you. I want your life to transform in exactly the ways you are craving. I don’t want to simply show you why you’re stuck the way you’ve been stuck…. I want to help you actually get unstuck and get into action in your life. I am not here to just listen to your challenges, but rather to help you solve them, quickly, effectively, and permanently. And the best part of all… will be the moment you no longer need my support, because you will have all the tools and confidence to act upon them… within you.

Book an appointment

My mission is to bring more happiness, love and success to the world, starting with the most important person this moment… and that’s YOU! My wish for you, is to start living your best life NOW, regardless of what your went through before. I would be so honoured to support you. Schedule your 1st session for free today.


This book is especially created for you, to ease your frustrations and help you fall in love with your partner all over again. Yes, you can… turn the challenged relationship you have into the thriving and happy relationship you crave and deserve. I will be sharing my proven 5-Step I.D.E.A.L. Love Method that I guide my private clients through, to completely redesign their relationships, including all 6 of the key tools for making your relationship extraordinary. This book is overflowing with practical tips, tools, processes and activities, that you have never seen before.


Workshops + Events

Gather your fabulous group of colleagues, friends, or family to host life-changing workshops in the comfort of your home or office. Hailey brings world-class transformational workshops to YOU!


Designing Your Best Year Ever – Annual Planning Session

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Create and ACCOMPLISH your annual plan.
  • Choose your most important PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL goals.
  • Create action plans that work.
  • Achieve your goals ON TIME!
Imagine how amazing you’ll feel, once you can:
  • Spot and stop what’s been holding you back.
  • Choose new habits that support you in creating your incredible life.
  • Have the whole year organized for success and balance.
  • Design your dream future and actually cause it to become real.


Fall in Love Again (For Couples)

A Day to Make Your Relationship Extraordinary
  • Fall in love all over again and come away with simple strategies that WORK.
  • Discover how to love each other the “right” way and handle anything together.
  • Gain instant reconnection and experience a mountain of relief.
  • Learn how easy it can be, to finally have almost everything you want in your relationship.
  • Discover the number one tool to alleviate stress and tension with your partner. Gain closure and move on after hurts.
  • Reignite your love and passion.



In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Master your past, present and future, for ultimate happiness.
  • Take charge of your life, gaining clarity and confidence.
  • Become unstoppable in the face of adversity and bounce back with ease.
  • Rewire your brain for positivity, choosing new habits that support you.
  • Forgive anyone, including yourself.

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel, once you can:
  • Achieve total closure and freedom from your past.
  • Design your dream future and learn to make it real.
  • Clearly see your superpowers and feel genuinely happy NOW.