Marriage Mentor Certification

Have you always wanted to help couples experience more love, connection and a healthier foundation for building a lasting relationship?

In your profession, do you work with couples in another way, such as being their wedding planner or birth doula?

If you have ever dreamed of making an even more profound difference for the couples that you work with, then you are in the right place.

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I have created a 5-step process for achieving an extraordinary relationship, called The I.D.E.A.L. Love Method, as well as The Six Secrets and Skills of Happy Couples.

Both of which you can learn and then teach to your clients.  In 2019 I decided it was time to share my proven one-of-a-kind process with other professionals, so that together, we could serve more wonderful couples and families in need of support to have fulfilling, healthy and happy relationships.  

The first cohort of Marriage Mentors (a wedding planner and birth doula) found that this certification is the perfect solution for heart-centred professional service providers that already work with couples, but dream of serving them in a deeper way.

The process is very thorough and yet it can be completed over just 16 hours of in-class training plus practicum demonstration through co-leading my couples class called “Fall in Love Again” or “Marriage 2.0”. Within 30 days of making the smart decision that you want to become a “Marriage Mentor”, certified under the title most suited to your profession.... You can proudly be up and running and working with your clients to add even more value to your existing business offering. And you get to choose your new title. For example, our first Wedding Planner chose the title of “Marriage Planner”.  

This is a wonderful way for you to continue specializing in your current offering, helping couples and families in the ways that only you know best, while deepening the support your clients receive.

This is for you if:

What this is:

Getting certified in the Marriage Mentor Methods will allow you to safely and effectively work with couples who want to strengthen their relationship, by teaching them the tools, the skills and the processes for creating Happy Love.

 You will be able to work with ‘healthy couples’, meaning, couples who are NOT dealing with major challenges such as mental health barriers, addiction, trauma or infidelity. 

You will be able to work privately with your clients or in group settings, to teach The I.D.E.A.L. Love Method, as well as The Six Secrets and Skills of Happy Couples. You may choose to teach the relationship enhancement material in short sessions or in half day or full day workshops, or to simply weave it into your current style of supporting and working with your clients.

What this is not:

You will NOT become qualified to work as a marriage counsellor, psychologist or any other designation qualified to handle complex issues and breakdowns such as domestic abuse, substance abuse, infidelity and other trauma.  

The intention is to empower transitioning couples so they can have a strong future together in a fulfilling and lasting relationship, as well as to support couples who are struggling, to learn practical skills, tools and processes to enhance their connection.

Where your role ends, and my support begins:

This is meant to help you teach and support relatively happy and healthy couples before they go through a relationship altering transition. You are teaching couples the skills to be great at love together, and to design how they want their relationship to be and become as they take this next step. (getting married or having a baby for example) 

You will NOT be qualified as a marriage counselor to work with couples dealing with trauma, infidelity and major relationship breakdown or dysfunction. That is where I come in, to safely help you extend the level of care that is available to your clients, which is a win/win/win. The right support is made available to your client which they desperately need, through me for marriage counselling, and there is an income opportunity for you. You receive 10% of all private coaching fees when I support your clients through the really hard stuff, which makes life better for you too. You get to focus on teaching the material you know, super-serving your clients in the ways that only you know best, and then allowing me to assist and contribute once it becomes more than you can handle with confidence.

The Tuition

To become certified as a Marriage Mentor, from my heart to yours, I want you to feel extremely fortunate to have this rare opportunity. My intention is to certify only 20 Marriage Mentors per relevant profession globally, and to keep our community very intimate and well supported. This means, you are quite likely to be the only person in a room who has the training and the ability to support couples in this way. 

“I have a dream, that every newly engaged and newly expecting couple, will get this marriage-altering, relationship-enhancing, future-protecting material in their hands, before any major challenges arise. And my hope is that YOU will be the one to teach it to them.”

I have developed this material over the past 2 decades and have invested over $200,000 in training and coaching to create what is now, my body of work. I am beyond excited, to save you the $200,000+, and the 20+ painful and expensive years of amassing, testing and perfecting these methods, and give you the unique opportunity to become a Marriage Mentor in just 30 days, for just $10,000 plus tax. 16 hours in class with me as your teacher, 4 hours co-facilitating for your practicum hours, 30 days of intense support and one full year of ongoing support, are all included in your tuition. You also get a complete binder with the full certification curriculum, a google drive filled with all the tools and worksheets which you have digital access to use and reproduce, as well as a professional certificate. To ensure you feel comfortable with your knew material, I will attend the first 2 workshops you teach (as long as you schedule them with me locally or cover my travel fees), I will assist you in incorporating this new offering into your existing business, and help you develop your business action plan to increase your revenue while helping amazing couples along the way. The first certified Marriage Mentor now has a plan in place to create an additional $42,000 in business revenue in her first year, which helps her create a 400% return on her tuition investment.

If you are passionate about helping couples, then you are worth investing in for this additional qualification, to take your business to the next level, to stand out amongst your peers, and to help couples in ways you only imagined, but previously didn’t know how to.

Follow your heart and take the next step. Let’s book a complimentary 30-minute call, to see if you and your business would benefit from this certification, and if your clients are the right fit for the program as well.

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I am here for you...

I am here for you and can’t wait to unlock your potential and ability, to confidently teach couples how to be their best! Together, we can make this dream possible, for all couples to have the right support at the start. After all, very few of us are taught relationship skills correctly from our parents.

We don’t learn it in school, many couples around us are struggling and divorcing, and it is hard to make love work without this material. But with The I.D.E.A.L. Love Method, as well as The Six Secrets and Skills of Happy Couples... being happy in love is an expected outcome and not just a wish.

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My mission is to bring more love and joy to this world, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope you will join me on this mission

To learn more about how I help couples in my private coaching practice, click here.

Happy Clients

Stephaney Campbell, Founder of Inspired Weddings and Events

Hailey is not only my mentor, life/business coach and friend, she changed my life.

In October 2019 I was honoured to have been invited to Hailey’s private book launch for her new book: Happy Love. The experience was truly inspiring. Guests in attendance were also privileged to hear an in-person testimony from a couple featured in Hailey’s book. Listening to the tear-jerking testimony was the moment “The Marriage Planner” was conceived in my mind. About a week later I decided to call Hailey to ask her if she would be willing to coach my clients and prepare them for marriage. As her approach and methods are practical, unconventional and yield effective results fast. Unlike the generic marriage preparation given by a priest or pastor who probably wasn’t married. Hailey keenly listened as I explained my idea with excitement, which probably sounded more like a determined pitch to convince her to get on board with my bold idea. Well, being the earth angel hat she is, who changes lives, she casually responds “ Steph, I’ve got something even better for you! I was waiting to roll this out January 2020, but sometimes divine timing has a way of making things happen sooner rather than later. You are going to become the first certified Marriage Planner in the world to implement and practice the Happy Love methods” Tears rushed down my cheeks like Niagara Falls. Next thing I knew Hailey was handing me the keys to her lifelong work. December 2019, we did 2 days of intense 1on 1 training. The experience was phenomenal. I was mesmerized by Hailey’s genuine love, passion, and dedication to truly helping people, with no fluff or gimmicks. This is not a job for Hailey, this is her true life mission and purpose.

Hailey is not only my mentor, life/business coach and friend, she changed my life. In 2 years, I went from feeling uninspired, powerless, shame, depression and the list goes on... Now I am genuinely happy, healthy, empowered and a kick ass mommy and fiancé! I must also credit Hailey for being instrumental on my path to engagement, after 1 emotionally charged session and an 8 years relationship. I am now engaged to the love of my life and getting married June 2021.

I also practice what I preach, using the Happy Love tools, such as The I.D.E.A.L LOVE Method, in my own relationship. We now communicate more efficiently in a loving and supportive way. Experiencing Hailey methods and teachings firsthand, has inspired me to include a holistic approach to provide my clients with not only a captivating wedding but an extraordinary marriage and truly live happily ever after. No matter what you are facing in your marriage, life, or business, the truly amazing founder of The Lifted Lid, Hailey Patry, is the gem to help you unlock true happiness.


This book is especially created for you, to ease your frustrations and help you fall in love with your partner all over again. Yes, you can… turn the challenged relationship you have into the thriving and happy relationship you crave and deserve. I will be sharing my proven 5-Step I.D.E.A.L. Love Method that I guide my private clients through, to completely redesign their relationships, including all 6 of the key tools for making your relationship extraordinary. This book is overflowing with practical tips, tools, processes and activities, that you have never seen before.