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Hey fabulous YOU! You’ve made an amazing decision clicking on this page.

I am so excited that you want to explore working together, to hep you raise the quality of your life, or the lives of those you work with. Let’s schedule a free strategy call, to see what your challenges and goals are, and see if I’m the right fit for you. Here’s my promise: if I am not the right person to support you or to hire, I will do my best to refer you to someone incredible who is a better match. I genuinely want to help you, and I will do all that I can for you.

Whether you’re looking for a dynamic speaker, a customized workshop, a facilitator for your company or to engage with me as your personal coach and mentor… you’re in the right place and I’m so happy you clicked. My services include a blend of mentoring, coaching, consulting and counselling for my private clients.

Let’s get on a call together, to explore your needs, your vision and to see if we are meant to work together. You can book in right here, it’s fast and easy. And if you don’t find a time slot that you like, please send a confidential text message to 416-797-5856 with your preferred dates and times for a call, and I will get back to you, because YOU MATTER! A lot!

My services range from $30 to $50,000 with many options in between, to uniquely suit your situation. Let’s get on a call together to see what’s the best fit for you personally, as a couple, for your organization or event.

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I am here to serve, here to help, and here for YOU! You are worth it! (And so are your people if you run an organization). I believe that every life matters, and without the mindset and skills for leading joyful, productive and fulfilling lives…. Every aspect of life is harder than it needs to be. But with the skills, tools and methods I teach… creating lasting HAPPINESS, SUCCESS and LOVE are so much easier. This transforms your life, your relationship, your family, your company, your community… and it just takes one person (YOU) to begin the beautiful cycle of empowered change. Let’s make ‘shift’ happen together!

Hailey Patry